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What makes a home more valuable?

Thinking of selling your home and have no idea where to start? When I work with clients there are few tips I give them to get started on making their home more valuable to buyers. Follow these tips to prepare your home for top dollar.

Let start with the front of the house

Curb Appeal: First Impression

Take a look at your home right now? Tell me what you see. A home you want to buy? Or do you see a mini forest?  Buyers want to see what they are buying. Cut back or remove overgrown bushes and trees that block the view of the home, or the sun from shining in. Driveways, walkways, grass, flowers and fresh paint all come into play when someone is looking at a home.

Tip: Swap out the junipers for bushes that bloom with colorful flowers.

Windows: The buzz is double paned windows.

If you haven’t already installed hem, consider it. They’re clean fresh, and only take a day to install (4 weeks to have made) in most cases.

Tip: Call me for a good reference. I know great local contractors

Painting: Get in Style

Before you consider painting your home, we suggest visiting newly built homes and apartments  that are near the top tech companies such as Google and Apple. These modern living spaces have experienced painters choosing colors that are. modern  and up to date that are visually appealing. Painting your home inside and out is relatively a inexpensive fix that will give you big bang for the bucks

Tip: Painting the interior will make it look polished and looking fresh and new.

Inside the home

What rooms are most important?

From talking to stagers and having homes staged for sale, the stagers rank the rooms of a house as follows starting the most important:

  1. Kitchen

  2. Bathroom

  3. Entry/Living Room

  4. Master Bedroom

Kitchen: Should be bright, appealing, and uncluttered

Only items of decoration should be on counter tops, and have a nice, clean eating area. The toaster oven, coffee maker, mixer, microwave, dish drain, paper towel holders, etc. need to be put away when not in use.

Bathrooms: Should be clean and well lit.

Everything here should be light and airy! I know it’s hard, but we are talking lots of money for a house today. So let’s put all our usual toiletries out of sight. Decorative towels, new notions and lotions only.

Entry/Living Room Area- This area must be eye catching!

Make this area atheistically pleasing. Have a focal point like the fireplace or the coffee table. Keep walls/mantles uncluttered, thin out what’s on your bookshelves or in the dining hutch. Get out all paperback books, encyclopedias, DVD’s, videos and make room for a few knick knacks.

Tip: A bright area rug can help brighten an otherwise dark room

Master Bedroom- Make it inviting

If you don’t have one, choose a room. Less is more, so take out big chests, extra dressers, night stands (if you have two, try  just one). Make it up to be a second reading area or

breakfast in bed with a tray.

Tip: Keep lots of floor space, use a chair and small table in a corner for reading.

To make sure you take advantage of all the benefits in selling or buying a home, give us a call.

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